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The new web site opened!

Updated: Sep 30, 2018

I opened my first web site in 2001. Ever since my sites have been my personal pages and written in Finnish, but now this is going to be changed, for good.

I was wondering, what could be the thing that I do, when I turn 40. Should I buy a motorcycle? Is it time to build a house? How about starting a new career?

The career change is now out of the question due the fact that I'm involved in something really interesting currently. The "baby" must be born before I have any intentions to move forward.

And, actually, I bought a motorcycle already. So that is done.

But, then I figured it out. I started googling to find the way to renew my personal web pages. I found the WIX, which was what I really wanted. Dead simple WYSIWYG editor.

I published my first web pages in April 2001, if I remember it right. I have renewed the pages two times after that. And,

now I have the new web pages again! So, enjoy reading my thoughts!

Thank you for reading, stay tuned!

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